How to Build a Skincare Routine

The best skincare routine is the routine that fulfils your most important priorities. Every morning skincare routine and night-time skincare routine is therefore unique to the individual in question. Even so, the fundamentals for an effective basic skincare routine are always the same.

Irrespective of whether your goal is to combat the initial signs of aging, boost your skin’s moisture levels or simply protect your skin from environmental damage, the same basic steps need to be taken. Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to simply cleanse, tone and moisturize with the most basic mass-produced skincare products. 

Far from a three-step process, there are actually nine components to a highly effective skincare regime. It’s also important to incorporate medical-grade skincare products in your regime.

As for the good news – none of these steps are particularly complex, or necessarily call for prohibitively priced products. What matters most when adopting a good skincare routine is consistency – ensuring you keep it up long-term.

Skincare is best approached from a preventative standpoint. Preventing problems from occurring in the first place is always easier than dealing with them at a later date.

This is where an effective skincare routine can make all the difference. You may already be doing some of the following on a regular basis, but it is only when all nine are performed (and in the right order) that your skin can be kept at its best.

Let’s get started:

  1. Wash Thoroughly

Cleanliness paves the way for good skincare, so it is important to wash your face thoroughly twice a day. Use a gentle yet effective cleansing product, without resorting to abrasive scrubbing or excessive rubbing.

If necessary, use a high-quality micellar solution or cleansing oil to remove your make up. After which, a gentle full-face cleanse should be performed, using a high-quality, medical-grade cleanser that won’t dry or irritate the skin.

  1. Apply Toner

Toner comes next in line, which should always be applied after cleansing but before everything else. Apply a modest quantity of toner to a cotton pad, before gently wiping it across the skin on your face to remove impurities.

Some toners are designed to exfoliate, using ingredients like glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells. These types of toners should only be used in the evening, and should not be used in conjunction with other exfoliators or retinoids.

  1. Apply Serum

A serum loaded with antioxidants can be just the thing to use in the morning, helping provide your skin with an extra layer of protection from free radicals. A high-quality serum containing vitamin C comes highly recommended as a daytime serum.

At night, go for a moisturizing serum that contains hyaluronic acid. This powerful natural ingredient helps prevent the skin from becoming dry overnight, particularly when used in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments.

Just be mindful of the rule that applies when using any type of serum: oil-based serums should be applied on top of moisturizer, while water-based serums should be used before moisturizer.

  1. Apply Eye Cream

If you are using a specialist eye cream along with your preferred moisturizer, be sure to apply the eye cream first. This is because most eye creams have a thinner consistency than moisturizers, meaning they won’t penetrate through any moisturizer you have already applied.

A high-quality, medical-grade eye cream with a roller-ball applicator can be convenient and effective – particularly when kept in the refrigerator to soothe tired and puffy eyes.

  1. Treat Spots and Blemishes

The skin is engineered to naturally repair itself overnight, making the evening the best time to use spot and blemish treatments. Be mindful of the fact that skincare products designed to combat spots and acne should typically be used independently of one another, as opposed to being layered.

You’ll therefore need to check the usage guidelines of the products you use – particularly those containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acids or retinol. All of which can be highly effective in combating spots and acne, but could cause irritation or damage the skin when used in conjunction with one another.

  1. Moisturize

During the day, a lightweight moisturizer with a protection factor of SPF 30 or more is the way to go. This will keep your skin moist and supple with no unpleasant greasiness throughout the day, while protecting it from the sun’s rays.

At night, a thicker and more luxurious product can be applied to intensify the skin’s natural overnight regeneration process. Moisturizing twice a day comes highly recommended, particularly for those prone to dry skin.

  1. Apply Retinoids

Retinoids have been the talk of the town for some time – derivatives of vitamin A with the power to effectively combat the early signs of aging. By boosting skin cell turnover and improving collagen production, retinoids get to work on fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts, open pores and even issues with pigmentation.

However, retinoids have been known to cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. Products with retinoids should also be used at night when possible, as they can intensify the damaging effects of the sun’s rays during the day.

  1. Apply Face Oil

If you plan on bringing face oil into your daily skincare regime, it needs to be the final thing you apply to your skin. This is because the subsequent layer of oil will make it impossible for anything to penetrate, once it has been applied.

Face oil can be great for replenishing the skin’s moisture content overnight, though is best avoided by those prone to acne or oily skin.

  1. Apply Sunscreen

Last up, dermatologists and skincare specialists insist that the best thing anyone can do to preserve their skin’s youthful glow is to protect it from the sun. Throughout all four seasons, it is essential to ensure your skin is protected using the required SPF product.

Where possible, opt for moisturizers and skincare products that contain SPF.  Otherwise, try to get into the habit of applying sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go out, if there is any chance your skin will be exposed to the sun.

Starter Kits for Advanced Skincare

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