The Best Vitamin C Skincare Products for Your Skin

Of all the skincare products marketed to us today, vitamin C products, especially potent serums containing the ingredient, are some of the most important products that should be included in your skincare routine. Vitamin C is a non-negotiable! There’s a reason the word trends in skincare – vitamin C is a powerful ingredient to take your skincare game to the next level! 

But just because vitamin C is important, doesn’t mean you’ll find the right products with quality forms of the ingredient. It’s important to seek expert advice, and no, not at your local beauty store! A Board-Certified Dermatologist’s office will assess your skin concerns and needs. At My Skin Shop, we carry a carefully curated selection of the biggest brands, that have formulated the best medical-grade skin care products in the market.

Now that we have gotten that formality out of the way, read on to find out how vitamin C affects skin health and quality. You will discover how vitamin C functions and is effective in certain formulations. More importantly, we will discuss the steps you can take to really make sure you’re buying the very best vitamin C skincare products that will give you real results!

The Importance of Vitamin C

Before we dive in, let’s discuss what vitamin C is! The vitamin is an antioxidant, also known as ascorbic acid, and is a water-soluble vitamin that you can find in many of the fruits and veggies you eat daily. It functions as a cofactor for enzymes that work to regulate cell division and growth, stimulate our immune system, hormones, iron absorption and neurotransmitters. In terms of skin, it helps in the creation of collagen. As you can see, vitamin C is vital to our health!   

Without vitamin C, you are at a higher risk of getting infections, suffering from dry mouth and eyes, loss of hair, insomnia, fatigue as well as dry and itchy skin. It is a very necessary antioxidant and is vital for many bodily functions, beyond the health of our skin. It really is the MVP of all vitamins, right? 

Unlike plants who make their own vitamin C, we as humans need to consume the right amount of vitamin C to support certain systems in our bodies. Unfortunately for your skin, it is the last organ to get the vitamin C it needs for skin health and that vibrant glow! That’s if it gets very much at all! That is why it is necessary to add potent doses of vitamin C on our skin, so that your skin can absorb it directly. 

How Does Vitamin C Benefit Skin Health & Give You the Perfect Glow?

We’ve learned that vitamin C is important for the body to be healthy, but how does it really benefit overall skin health and appearance? Well, vitamin C really is one of the most important anti-aging ingredients in skincare.  

It rams up SPF efficacy to help protect your skin and works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles to support laser and injectable treatments. Not only does it help brighten your skin and build collagen, but it is also hydrating, anti-inflammatory and helps protect the skin from damage from the environment and free-radicals. 

Your skin is subject to different conditions that the environment or even your choices can have on it. These conditions can mean sun damage, pollution, harsher climates, dry air, smoking, acne that was never dealt with in the past, etc. These factors can all result in oxidative stress and work together to give you less desirable skin. 

Vitamin C can be a great thing to help counteract all these issues. Just remember, your Vitamin C levels will drop as you age. It’s just the reality and a natural part of life. There are many ways to increase your vitamin C levels and reap the amazing benefits of this powerful vitamin. Just remember, good nutrition and diet are very important, but this will only show on your skin to an extent. 

Along with healthy, balanced diets, you need plenty of sleep and not forgetting to drink a lot of water. This is a great start for healthy skin and overall health for your body in general. But most nutrients already get taken from other bodily functions and organs before it even reaches your skin. The skin is the last organ to get any vitamin C you get from natural food sources. 

You need to include a potent, specially formulated vitamin C serum from a trusted, medical-grade skincare line to an effective skincare routine. The direct deposits of vitamin C absorbed by your skin will give you the results you want! Healthy, glowing, radiant skin! The vitamin C works to encourage natural rejuvenation of your skin cells and build that collagen we need for younger, tighter skin. 

So, I Need Vitamin C, But Do All Vitamin C Products Work the Same?

By now, we’ve made the case that vitamin C is a non-negotiable in any effective skincare routine. Its benefits and functionality are impressive and real, but beware, not all vitamin C products marketed to you are as effective as they claim. Most vitamin C skincare products are formulated to be very unstable and they are naturally extremely reactive when vitamin C is exposed to the sun or air. Vitamin C oxidizes and this is the biggest factor in determining if your vitamin C product works or doesn’t. 

A lot of products on the shelves of the local department and cosmetic stores claim to have the best products that contain vitamin C. What you need to realize is that by the time you are applying it, the vitamin C has reacted and lost much of its effectiveness. When it goes from being clear or golden/yellow to brown, that’s not a good sign. 

The difference in quality between department store products and medical-grade products cannot be stressed enough! You are spending a lot of money on skincare to begin with, so you might as well seek value and invest in the right products like the ones offered on Medical-grade products are made with quality ingredients that work, have the right potency and complex formulations that make them effective. If you’re looking for visible, noticeable changes, medical grade is the way to go! 

Medical-grade skincare from brands like ZO Skin Health, Vivier Skin, Alumier MD, Skinceuticals, and Skin Medica work to truly slow down the aging process. It also improves the skin for those with great skin to begin with, or for those who suffer from acne, break-out prone skin, pigmentation, brown spots, sunspots, sun damage or the negative results of bad skincare products. 

The most anti-aging benefits you get from vitamin C will be through L-Ascorbic Acid, also known as Ascorbic Acid. This is the purest form of vitamin C and is 100% in concentration. Just look at a simple comparison to other derivative forms of vitamin C sold on the market like ascorbyl, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, or palmitate. These derivative forms can be 60% less in concentration. Not the best! 

The 2 Biggest Recommendations with Vitamin C 

When you have hopped on the right bandwagon and purchased a quality vitamin C product that is from a premium, medical-grade skincare line that is dermatologist recommended and backed, keep these two specific recommendations in mind. 

    1. It is important to preserve and maintain the purity and effectiveness of your vitamin C product. Be sure to secure your vitamin C serum in a dim, cool area so that it doesn’t have exposure to oxygen or the sun. That prevents your vitamin C from oxidizing. This will keep your vitamin C product capable of delivering the benefits you need!  
        2. The second thing to consider is how you are layering your vitamin C in your skincare routine. In order for your vitamin C serum to properly penetrate the layers of skin it needs to, you need to be sure that you are preparing your skin properly by cleansing, exfoliating and toning. Then add a few drops of vitamin C serum and work it into your skin. It is best to use your vitamin C in the day and avoid mixing with a retinol (which should be used during your evening routine). 

          Bottom Line.... 

          The research and studies surrounding the benefits of vitamin C are strong, and it is no secret why it is one of the most powerful ingredients to be adding to your routine. If used correctly and in a quality form, your skin will be brighter, healthier and more vibrant.

          Just remember, it’s not magic! You need a full routine that is customized to your skin needs and the commitment to doing your routine properly. Always seek a dermatologist’s opinion on the best skincare routine for your skin! Everyone is unique!